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Welcome to my counselling service. I am a qualified therapeutic counsellor. I offer one to one counselling for both children 11+ and adults. These can be face to face or online, on a short- or long-term basis.

I work with individuals and couples as well as families providing an environment that is warm, non-judgemental, confidential, safe and secure. This is where I can help you to explore difficult issues you may be experiencing or unable to discuss with those closest to you.

I work collaboratively with our clients giving support and aid so they can gain a deeper understanding of their concerns and help bring about positive change to move forward.

My style of counselling is integrative which enables me to tailor my approach using a variety of theories, skills and tools to support my clients and to suit individual needs.

I prefer to use integrative therapy which is a broad overview of all theories in one. This helps us to draw on the psychodynamic, cognitive (CBT) and humanistic fields of practice to assist you to reach your goals, your best self and live the life that you would like to.