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Are you are experiencing periods of low moods or feeling down? You may even be feeling persistently sad for weeks or months, rather than just a few days. 
Some people think depression is trivial and not a genuine health condition. That is not true. Depression is a real illness with real symptoms. The way you feel is not a sign of weakness or something you can "snap out of" by "pulling yourself together." We are inclusive of all illnesses and we do not disregard any mental health issues.

Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. But it gets out of balance and can cause you to stop doing things you enjoy. In extreme cases, it may prevent you from entering an elevator, crossing the street, or even leaving your home. If left untreated, the anxiety will keep getting worse. The feeling of fear may be with you all the time. It is intense and sometimes debilitating. Anxiety disorders are the most common form of emotional disorder and can affect anyone at any age.

Bereavement or critical illness 

Bereavement is the experience of losing someone important to you. It is a process of adjustment that we go through as we gradually adjust to the loss. Losing someone important to us can be emotionally devastating - whether that be a partner, family member, friend or pet.  
You could be pre bereavement, where you are preparing yourself to say goodbye. This can be a really difficult and challenging time in one’s life. You may need some help and support to cope and make sense of that empty space.


Many a times couples feel they have lived under the same roof for years and are still strangers to each other. The word soul mate is not something that they can relate to. Counselling is a safe, non-judgemental and a non-bias space where couples have been able to explore their issues, concerns, fears and overcome their personal barriers.  
For some couples, counselling is the start of a longer process of discovery while for others, a few sessions of counselling may be all they need to get through a rough patch. You will be able to discuss your expectations with your counsellor.  
Counselling is not a ‘magic’ solution, it requires commitment, engagement and hard work. Many individuals and couples find the process leads to an improvement in their relationships; sometimes this involves separation and moving on apart/independently.  
If you do decide to separate, we can help you to manage that process as painlessly as possible and, in particular can offer support to either or both of you with the grieving process and with issues around what and when to tell children about what is happening.

Family therapy

I also provide a safe space for family therapy where each individual is able to put out their view and we work to untangle the knotted issues simply by drawing apart one strand at a time. This may involve some sessions to be 1-2-1 with each family member and our ultimate goal is to bring the family back to a functioning platform.


Going through a very stressful, frightening or distressing event is called trauma. Traumatic events can happen at any age and can cause long-lasting harm. Flashbacks of distant memories or fears, you never knew existed, can affect your day to day life.  You might be getting nightmares or reoccurring dreams which can result in waking up several times with sweaty hands, fidgetiness, migraines etc. These are some of the different ways that your body is trying to communicate with you. We can help to overcome these issues.


Here I provide a safe space to explore all of your thoughts and feelings so that you can begin to understand why you are, the way you are. Talking to a professional can make all the difference.  
The good news is that with the right treatment and support I am here to help you understand what the underlaying issues are. Popping an anti-depressant can help you cope temporarily, but these issues that are affecting you don’t disappear magically.  
That is where we help you to focus on the issues and find a way forward that is right for you. People can make a full recovery through therapy.